LGB Alliance show their true colours saying ‘trans men are women’ in tense exchange


We’ve long known what the LGB Alliance are and this week they showed us once and for all, confirming that they would purposefully misgender a trans person. 

With a litany of charges levelled at them already (including comparing trans inclusion to bestiality), co-founder Bev Jackson calmly explained how there are only two genders, denying any sort of gender non-conformity.  She went on heaping faux sympathy on trans people whilst saying in the next breath that a trans man with a cervix is a woman. 

Broadcaster and journalist Sam Dowler was having none of this however when they clashed on talkRADIO, calling her on her bullshit and explaining that it was her brand of transphobia that leads to the murder of vulnerable trans people all over the word – a fact that she laughed at, assuming that her hateful language couldn’t possibly result in such a thing. 

After taking offence on behalf of gay men (who certainly never asked her to) at the decision of Mr Gay UK to allow, Jackson went on to bemoan ‘lies’ about her group which she had literally just confirmed. Watch the whole tense exchange below.