Despite EU threats, Hungary doubles down on anti-LGBTQ+ law insisting it’s to ‘protect children’

Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga

Despite ‘Poland style’ threats from the European Union and a continuing war of words, Hungary is doubling down on its anti-LGBTQ+ laws claiming the country has a right to protect its “culture, national identity and the family values rooted in them”.

The Hungarian Justice Minister, Judit Varga, said the following on Facebook in response to the EU Commissioner Thierry Berton: “We reject categorically the assumption that the purpose of the law would be exclusion or discrimination. It’s only about the upbringing of Hungarian children and the protection of minors.”

Missing the EU’s point entirely and continuing in the same moany manner, she continued: “They try to punish us only because we don’t let the LGBTQ lobby into Hungarian schools and kindergartens. The law doesn’t interfere in the lives of adults in any way, it doesn’t change the rights of sexual minorities in any way,”

The last minute additions to the (deep breath) Child Protection Act, the Family Protection Act, the Act on Business Advertising Activity, the Media Act and the Public Education Act, basically equates homosexuality with paedophilia and even bans TV shows depicting LGBTQ+ life in a positive way form airing before 10pm. 

By basically saying a queer lifestyle is wrong to all under 18’s they are doing untold damage to LGBTQ+ youth, who not only want to read about other people like them but see representation on screen as well. Also normalising LGBTQ+ relationships and gender non-conformity makes homophobia and violence against queer people much more unlikely when kids are educated from a young age. Hey, they can still learn hatred and intolerance from their parents or, in this case, the government!