Boris Johnson sends letter of support to LGB Alliance as they hold conference


Clearly not happy with being totally ineffective when it comes to banning conversion therapy, Boris Johnson has shown that he’s no friend of trans people either by sending a letter apologising for not having the time to be there but showing support for the hate group LGB Alliance’s conference. 


Just this week the co-founder Bev Jackson said on television that she would purposefully misgender a trans person and that there were only two genders that cannot be changed under any circumstances. 


In a letter sent on the  Johsnon’s behalf today, he apologised for not being able to attend but in the same breath, applauded them for having the event.

The letter said:


“The prime minister is delighted to learn of this ground-breaking event and is aware of what a truly momentous occasion this will be. Unfortunately, as I hope you will understand, it will not be possible for the prime minister to attend, due to pressure on his diary. However, on his behalf, I would like to thank the LGB Alliance for this incredible hard work and send my best wishes for a successful conference.”


We’re not sure what ‘incredible hard work’ the LGB Alliance have done other than make life harder for trans people so either BJ doesn’t even know what they stand for or really does stand by divisive, transphobic, demonising rhetoric. 


LGBTQ+ campaigner Peter Tatchell was quick to condemn the PM’s words saying in  a statement: “Boris Johnson has made a huge and shameful misjudgment. He is colluding with an avowedly anti-trans organisation. This letter signals that our prime minister does not respect trans people and is on the side of their oppressors.”