OMG we are all invited to Elton’s Oscars bash – for a very reasonable price


Anyone who’s ANYONE has been to Elton John’s infamous Oscars bash. Madonna, Miley, Gaga, Caitlyn Jenner, you name it. It’s wall to wall queer icons and this year is no different with the fabulous Dua Lipa performing. 

There is one difference in 2021 however, and that’s that we’re ALL invited! Elton broke the news on his TikTok account that us mere mortals can attend the virtual event for the trifling cost of $20, all of which will go to his AIDS Foundation. 

The Pre-Party Special will be hosted no less the FOUR times with 100k viewers allowed on each viewing so you’d better get in there quick. We’ve loved the sight of celebs sat on their couches in ballgowns for virtual award ceremonies and we want IN!

Whizz over here to find out how you can get involved in the bash hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Time to dust off that tux at the back of your closet (and realise you’re too fat for the trousers so just wear tracksuit bottoms with a jacket, shirt and bowtie).

At least we won’t get chucked out of Elton’s delightful home when we get too pissed and puke up red wine n’ nibbles all over his white shag-pile carpet if we’re safe at home just boozing on our own in front of the laptop (again). Nothing says OSCARS PARTAY like waking up sprawled on the kitchen lino with no pants on and the cat licking your sweaty scrotum (or maybe that was Elton?).