New Zealand MP publicly apologises for voting record after promising his gay son


Pride seems to stir such emotions in people, whether it’s love, contrition or even anger – it’s a time of reflection and thought as well as celebration.


Nick Smith, an MP in New Zealand who is leaving his post for personal reasons, has stood up in parliament (which means it will be on the permanent record) at the behest of his gay son, and apologised for voting against gay marriage back in 2013.


Smith said in his emotional speech: ‘I voted against gay marriage. My son Logan told me about three years ago he was gay… I gave him a commitment that before I retired from parliament I would give that apology publicly.’

He continued: ‘When Logan first told me, we went out for a meal and he had something important to tell me. I was worried it was something else so when he told me he was gay we had a big laugh and a big hug.’


This is another reason for the importance of Pride. Getting over one’s prejudices can be difficult but then when it happens, cathartic. In a beautiful end to the story, Logan (his son) said ‘I knew he had changed his views already and I knew he has been a supportive father all along the way,” he said. I think it’s just important to demonstrate people can learn and their views can change as an example to other people.’


It just goes to show, no-one should ever be considered a ‘write off’ when it comes to acceptance. There is always hope.