Nicki Minaj puts Kevin Federline on BLAST, calling him a ‘clown’ over his feud with Britney Spears

Nicki Minaj criticises Kevin Federline over his feud with ex-wife Britney Spears (Image Getty)

Nicki Minaj is fully #TeamBritney… and also not someone to fu*k with.


Nicki Minaj has defended Britney Spears and slammed the pop star’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, after he publicly questioned Spears’ parenting abilities and then shared private videos to Instagram of the singer arguing with her kids.


Earlier this month, the former backup dancer made headlines when he sat down with the UK broadcaster ITV and claimed that Preston and Jayden “have decided they are not seeing” their mom “right now.”

Britney, along with new husband Sam, defended her parenting on social media (as you would).


Federline then hit back last week, by breaking some serious parental boundaries posting videos of Spears arguing with her kids, leaving Britney fans fuming he would make such a public attack on the singer just months after she escaped her controversial 13-year conservatorship.


Federline, 44, shared a series of (now deleted, but still all over the internet) videos which showed the singer, seemingly filmed by their sons, arguing with Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, to his on Instagram (August 11), along with the caption,: “The lies have to stop.”


Minaj clearly was having none of that “clown” behaviour, instead deciding to go IN.

“I just spoke to her a couple days ago. She was so so so sweet. And I love her so much”, she began.


“Do understand what kind of a clown you have to be, to be a whole grown f—ing man and as soon as you see somebody happy and getting married and moving on and being free and feeling good in their own skin,” Minaj said on her Amp live show.

“To do the very thing that you know is going to attempt to break them down.”

“Only cowards use the media against a famous person who they once loved,” she continued. “Using the person’s fame as this constant ‘gotcha’ moment and you think you’re not going to f—ing have karma from it? You think it’s OK? You think that anybody is going to feel sorry for you?”


Minaj, who became a mom herself, in 2020, wrapped up the take down by insisting Britney has nothing but love for her children.

“She loves her kids more than life itself,” the rapper said. “How dare you encourage this woman’s children to be a part of your nonsense? They’re kids — they don’t know how detrimental this is, but you know. Leave her the f–k alone.”


Nicki and Britney collaborated on the remix for Till The World Ends, as well as touring and performing together at the Billboard Music Awards in 2011.


Last week, Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, blasted Kevin for sharing the video’s to Instagram, saying he had violated not only Britney’s privacy, but also the privacy of their sons.


Here’s what the internet is saying about Nicki’s top-tier rant: