Lil Nas X given his own annual day in Atlanta


There’s making it and there’s makingĀ it and we’re pretty sure Lil Nas X getting his own annual day in the city of Atlanta is right up there.Ā 

Lil Nas X travelled to Atlanta on October 20 (his new ‘day’ peeps!) and a statement from City Hall said: “The Atlanta City Council is pleased to recognize Lil Nas X for his success in the world of music, entertainment and popular culture.”Ā 

Lil Nas X told the assembled crowd: “This is amazing. I would have not have imagined I would be here four years ago when I was in my sister’s room on the floor. What else can I say? This is incredible, man. Life just keeps getting better.”

The honour was given by current mayoral candidate Antonio Brown who is himself LGBT. He said of Lil Nas X: ‘He has made a considerable impact on the LGBTQ community by reshaping how society accepts LGBTQ artists within the music industry, and empowering others to break barriers and be more open, expressive, and personal through music and art.”Ā 

Brown went on to say, directly to the superstar: ā€œAnd Lil Nas X, I just wanna say you inspire me. Iā€™m running to be the mayor of Atlanta. I would be the first LGBTQ mayor in the history of the city. And you inspire me, allow me to believe I can do it. So thank you.’

Now every time he goes to Atlanta on October 20 he can actually scream, ‘IT’S MY SPECIAL DAY!!’