Lil Nas X drops album release teaser trailer describing himself as ‘dangerously gay’ and a ‘power bottom’


The hype is ramping up to epic proportions on planet Lil Nas X as he releases a teaser trailer for the album Montero (his real name) which drops on September 17.


With his tongue firmly in his cheek (and whipping out frog-like on occasion as well), Lil Nas X parodies all the shrieking homophobes who’ve been offended by his artistry this past year. Playing the role of a right-wing futuristic news presenter, Lil Nas X twice describes himself as a power bottom and the tagline on screen has him labelled ‘dangerously gay’.


Acting as a sort of sequel to the video for Industry Baby, Lil Nas X is still in his electric pink prison garb and soon gets sucked down into a stylised phone booth. We’re getting full Lady Gaga/Missy Elliott vibes and are loving the 90s R&B aesthetic.¬†


With his videos racking up in the hundreds of millions of views on YouTube (Panini – 407m, Call Me By Your Name – 333m and Industry Baby¬†– 92m), Lil Nas X is at the top of his game with no real competitors… this album is gong to be BIG.¬†