Kylie vs Kylie: Minogue speaks on the infamous legal dispute

Which Kylie is THE Kylie?

Jenner vs Minogue (kind of)


One of our favourite pop culture disputes in recent years is undoubtedly ‘the battle of the Kylie’s’, a war which had gays across the world divided as to who should earn the singular title of just ‘Kylie’.

Back in 2017, the Aussie pop star and gay icon found herself in a legal dispute after Kylie Jenner attempted to trademark their shared first name as her own.

The whole pop fiasco actually began in April 2015, when Jenner filed an application to trademark the name “KYLIE” in the US for “advertising” and “endorsement services.”

Kylie M, along with her legal team, filed an opposing suit in February 2016, arguing that Jenner’s trademarking of the name would likely cause “confusion” and risk damage to the Minogue’s brand and reputation.

After a ton of deliberation, Minogue’s suit was ultimately victorious and Jenner’s application was rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2017.


Needless to say, fans of either one of the stars, and indeed just nosey folk generally, were gasping for more tea on the drama. But Jenner never spoke on it publicly, although Minogue referenced it a few times, once saying it was ‘nothing personal’, in a feature with Rolling Stone.


The tea has, seemingly, come up again in 2022.

Kylie (Minogue) appeared in Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where the pop princess said, “It was just business, obviously… I’ve spent a lifetime protecting my brand and building my brand, so it was just something that had to be done. We came to an agreement.”


Take a look below:


“Let me also say we came to an agreement,” the singer said with a telling smile. We NEED details of that “agreement”.


The Spinning Around singer did, in a different interview, admit that she was disappointed to hear that her lawyers referred to Jenner as a ‘secondary reality TV personality’ who appeared as “a supporting character” on her family’s show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In contrast, Kylie Minogue was described as an ‘internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer activist known worldwide simply as “Kylie”.’

Minogue fans, at the time, revelled in the shady dig as though it came from Kylie herself, which the singer was keen to dismiss.

“Can you imagine me saying that?!” she told Rolling Stone, insisting that her attorneys had been the ones to brand Jenner as a secondary character.

“That was just unfortunate that that is how those lawyers speak. So I genuinely hope that it’s understood: That certainly did not come from me,” she explained.

“Good news is, that’s all wrapped up, we didn’t have to go to court. That’s all done,” Minogue concluded, adding: “I’m sure I’ll meet them one day.”


Find some social media reactions to the drama below! Who is your fav Kylie??



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