ABBA announce new album and release two songs (don’t worry, they’re fab)


ABBA fans around the world have had their dreams answered as the band have announced a new 10 track album and introduced two new songs that you can listen to below. 

They also revealed more details of the hotly anticipated holographic concert where their younger self ‘ABBA-tars’ will perform the new songs via motion capture recorded by the real band.¬†

As we reported this week, the band teased new material but very few fans thought it would be a full album so expectations have gone through the roof. Luckily the two songs they release, I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down¬†are unmistakably ABBA and you can have a listen RIGHT FREAKING NOW! Thank you for the music, guys.¬†


The album Voyage will be out on November 5.