Lil Nas X claps back at Andrew Tate mentioning him negatively during an interview with Piers Morgan

Lil Nas X Andrew Tate Piers Morgan

Lil Nas X v Andrew Tate, via Piers Morgan is EXACTLY as random as it sounds. 


Today in online beefs, a pairing we sure never imagined would feature in the same news story, but anything goes in 2022: Lil Nas X (yay), and Andrew Tate (…).


Nas clapped back at the controversial kickboxer turned-influencer, after Tate mentioned him in an interview while appearing on The Piers Morgan Show.


Defending his public image, Tate – who was described earlier this year as a “dangerous misogynist”, and forcibly removed from pretty much all social media platforms – mentioned Nas, somewhat randomly.


Of course, the former Big Brother contestant no longer has Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, after being removed by service providers, so it really came down to finding a platform to host him.

Which, of course, was The Piers Morgan Show.


Lil Nas X is, according to the controversial figure, an example of there being ‘worse’ people out there than him.


Here’s what Tate had to say

“Should young men aspire to work very hard, have no criminal record, become multimillionaires, protect and provide for the women close to them? Be sovereign so they can stand up and have their own points of view in the face of cancellation? Be able to not be mentally intimidated when they go on national TV and there’s traps set up for them? Yeah, I believe that confident strong men who stand up and protect and provide for women are a good thing for the world and a good force for the world,” Tate said. 


“You have Lil X, twerking on the devil, on music videos. Which our children are digesting”, he them added, somewhat randomly.


To which Lil Nas X, brilliantly, replied:

“andrew tate please stop mentioning me! i am never gonna let u smash loser!”


Tate couldn’t reply, obviously, due to being banned from Twitter.


Tate then goes on to address the accusations of misogyny, suggesting that there are thousands of women who agree with his controversial opinions.


“The number of women who have stood up and stuck up for me is ignored. Thousands of women are making videos saying ‘I’ve met Andrew Tate, he’s such a nice guy.’ ‘I wish I had a man like Andrew Tate who felt responsible to protect and provide for me.’ ‘You know what, I do belong to my husband. That’s why I married him and I love him.’ We ignore the thousands of women who stood up and stood by me and said everything I said is true,” Tate told Morgan.


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