Laurence Fox briefly banned from Twitter for posting swastika made out of Pride flags, immediately returns and starts insulting people


Laurence Fox had his Twitter account temporarily locked over the weekend for highly offensive and inappropriate online behaviour. 


The former ‘Lewis’ actor, failed London mayoral candidate and founder of the ‘anti-woke’ Reclaim Party was temporarily banned from the social media platform on Monday (June 27) after changing his profile photo to Pride flags assembled in the shape of a swastika.


Twitter temporarily froze his account for violating their ‘hateful imagery’ policy.

Laurence Fox’s since removed tweet


The controversial right-wing figure made the move during Pride month, as the country celebrates 50 years of Pride in the UK, and just days after a shooting at an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Oslo, Norway killed two people and injured 20 others.

Needless to say, Twitter was fuming.


Caroline Russell, who is also a member of the Police and Crime Committee in the Greater London Authority, wrote on Twitter: ‘I hope the Met Police will look into Laurence Fox using pride flags to create nazi imagery and posting the images on a public platform.

‘This is a hate crime,’ Ms Russell wrote.


While trans broadcaster India Willoughby wrote: “The Tweets tonight from Laurence Fox are truly disgusting. More so coming 48 hours after the killings at an Oslo gay bar. In Pride month too. In some countries he’d go to jail for displaying a swastika. I hope @Twitterissue a permanent ban, and the @metpoliceuk prosecute”

Holocaust Memoria Day Trust said: “We are appalled to see Laurence Fox‘s vile tweet this morning with abhorrent use of the swastika. Gay men experienced untold suffering under the Nazis, including murder, castration and medical experimentation.”

Fox then made a same-day return to the platform once his account was reinstated and shared a screenshot of the Twitter ban, claiming: “You can openly call the [Union flag] a symbol of facism (sic) and totalitarianism on Tw*tter. You cannot criticise the holy flags.”



Much-loved British comedian Kathy Burke fiercely shut him down with a topical point about abortion, tweeting:  “The existence of Lawrence Fox [sic] is another reason to be pro-abortion.”

Clearly triggered by her comments, Fox tweeted back twice, in one accusing her of having an “empty, lonely and miserable soul”.

In May, Fox was forced to pay more than £36,000 in legal fees to three people he referred to as ‘paedophiles’ on Twitter.

The actor was ordered to pay the fees after losing his bid for a jury to hear his High Court libel battle.


Fox was sued by Stonewall trustee Simon Blake, Coronation Street actress Nicola Thorp and Drag Race UK star Crystal, following the online row in October 2020.

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