Kim Woodburn calls accusations of transphobia ‘horrible’, says ‘I will always be an ally’

Kim Woodburn
Kim Woodburn


Kim Woodburn calls accusations of transphobia ‘horrible’, says ‘I will always be an ally’


Reality TV star and popular-among-the-gays cleaner Kim Woodburn has responded to claims of transphobia, following an appearance on right-leaning “news” channel GBNews which provoked some backlash.


Last week, Woodburn was quizzed by GBNews presenter Mark Dolan about a Women’s Rights Network campaign entitled ‘All I Want for Christmas’, in which they are asking high street stores to provide ‘female-only’ changing rooms.


Dolan said: “There are lots of social media influencers, famous TV presenters who say that they’re super inclusive, they don’t mind these unisex changing rooms, that they love it. I don’t think they’re being honest.”

Then adding: “I think, Kim, you speak for the silent majority of women. However, do you worry you might be labelled a transphobe or bigot for having that view?”


Kim replied defiantly: ‘Look, if I’m going to be labelled that, then get on with it. I give not a jot. If I don’t want to show a man, accidentally, my knockers, or my bottom half, dear, which could easily happen, then I’m being labelled? Because I don’t want to show my bare body to a strange man? What?’

Then saying: ‘A man’s a man, a woman’s a woman. And women who say they don’t mind sharing a dressing room with a man, they must be sexually frustrated and need to see something naughty!’



Of course, whether she realised it or not – and we’ll let you make your own mind up about that – Kim was actually being asked if she believes that trans women are not women.

The line of questioning was, of course, not entirely honest and designed to draw Kim into a conversation about trans rights.


Many LGBTQ+ fans shared their disappointment online, pointing out that Kim is considered a queer icon and, as such, is often booked for Pride events, used in memes, and all the other privileges afforded to cis, straight people who support our community.

While others pointed out that the interviewer asked her to discuss unisex spaces, not trans inclusion in single-sex spaces, arguing that she was simply answering an intentionally misleading question.

“He manipulated you by asking you how you feel about unisex spaces, which is not the same as trans inclusion,” commented Danielle St James, from trans charity Not a Phase.

“We know your heart is in the right place.”


In a lengthy statement shared on her Instagram Story, the former Celebrity Big Brother star and ‘British LGBT+ icon’ addressed the matter herself and said she will ‘always be an ally’ to the queer community, while expressing her anger over ‘those who have deliberately misinterpreted what I said’.


‘To all my LGBTQ+ followers I would like to address my appearance on The Mark Dolan Show. The conversation was about male and females sharing dressing rooms. During the show we never discussed trans people,’ she wrote.

‘I have always supported the LGBTQ+ community, as you are all aware, and I count each and every single one of you, my friends.’


Kim said that if anyone had ‘twisted the interview to be something it wasn’t’, then in her opinion, they should ‘be ashamed’ of themselves’.

‘And I wouldn’t want you as my friends,’ she said.

‘I will always be an ally to the community and would never say a bad word about any of you. I am very disappointed in those who have deliberately misinterpreted what I said. You are horrible horrible people.’



Many Kim fans accepted her explanation in her comments, offering understanding and, in many cases, a lot of suggestions that she should avoid appearing on LGBT-hostile platforms like GBNews.


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