Grindr Unwrapped: which countries have the most top, bottom and vers users, along with other surprising stats

“THE WORLD BEGAN TO OPEN UP IN 2021, AND SO DID YOU” – Grindr Unwrapped has just dropped for 2021.


Forget Spotify unwrapped (we already know everyone was listening to Dua), this is the kind of information we want. Nay, this is the kind of information we need


Grindr has released its annual end-of-year report on user habits, based on geographical location, and the results are rather interesting. 


Think of it like Spotify unwrapped… but for getting laid. 


The informal report uses anonymous, aggregated data from Grindr’s 13 million worldwide users who include information on their profiles.


“Grind Unwrapped is a playful way to help our users get to know each other better, it serves as an ice-breaker for conversations on the app and provides some interesting insights into trends from the past year”, said Grindr’s director of marketing, Alex Black, in a press release.



So let’s start with the lighter stuff, shall we? Here are the top profile songs you all used in 2021 (cue audience gasp “Grindr has profile songs??!”). 


Now let’s get to the good stuff. Where are the tops people at?


Well, it would seem that, in 2021, the majority of tops could be found in the Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Israel and India *makes mental note, strictly for personal reasons*.


Meanwhile, versatile users could mostly be found in Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Costa Rica and Venezuela.


Whereas Vietnam, South Africa, China, Peru and Poland were home to the highest proportion of bottoms in 2021. 



In news that will send shockwaves through the ‘no taps’ community, there were an average of one billion taps per month, as well as 82 million expiring photos sent and 5.4 million favourites added.

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The countries with the highest percentage of ‘looking for right now’ were USA, Australia, UK, Ireland, and Canada – so no great surprise there. 


Australia, UK, China and Brazil were the most willing to accept NSFW pics.


The couple who play together, stay together: India, Thailand, Switzerland, Vietnam and Algeria boast the highest percentage of open relationships


Paris, Los Angeles, New York, São Paulo and London were the cities with the most users in 2021, while Mexico, India, the UK, Brazil and the USA had the most overall accounts by country.



Grindr was also kind enough to survey users about their favourite queer pop culture moments of 2021. Comin’ in hot..


GAY GASP OF THE YEAR: Lil Nas x – Montero (Call Me By Your Name)

TV SHOW OF THE YEAR: Sex Education

MOVIE OF THE YEAR: House of Gucci

SONG OF THE YEAR: Adele – Easy on Me


PODCAST OF THE YEAR: Welcome to Your Fantasy



QUEEN OF THE YEAR: Trixie Mattel 




You can check out the full list right here and a cute lil video montage of Grindr Unwrapped here or in the Tweet below:

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