Gay adult film performer Shawn Wolfe dead at 35

Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr., a.k.a. Shawn Wolfe
Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr., a.k.a. Shawn Wolfe

Adult performer Shawn Wolfe has died, at the age of 35.


In a public post on his Facebook wall (below), a woman named Valerie Wellner, who identified herself as his mother, wrote that Shawn passed away from a drug overdose on December 27.

“Thank you for all of your kind words. Shawn was a light in this world and he is now a light in Heaven…. He is also with all of his friends and family who went before him…. [When he died,] He was at someone’s home whom we don’t know where that was or who he was with. This is not a message of blame.”


Wellner wrote that Wolfe had also been staying at the Bailey-Boushay House, a health facility in Seattle, Washington for people with HIV/AIDS as well as end-of-life care for people with ALS and other complex issues.

It’s unclear why Wolfe might have been staying there.

Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr., a.k.a. Shawn Wolfe

“We have retrieved what belongings that were there,” Wellner wrote on Facebook. “However we don’t know where his clothes and other personal items might be. If anyone has any information about this, all we want is to get them back to his family.”


In his final Instagram post, on December 24, Wolfe wished followers a Merry Christmas.





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