Fox News host defends Caitlyn Jenner after she receives transphobic abuse at Republican conference


At some point you’d wonder whether you were on correct side of the aisle when you’re getting abuse at a conference you are supposed to be politically aligned with. 


That’s exactly what happened with Caitlyn Jenner at the weekend, however, when she attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas. Dead named, heckled and called a ‘sick freak’, you get the gist of the sort of person that goes to CPAC – a haven for Trump and QAnon supporters/cultists. 


Never one to be outdone when there’s an opportunity to get right down in the muck with the rest of them, shameful troll Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted about Jenner being a ‘man in a dress’ but received a hearty clap back from political rival Holly McCormack who plans to run against her next year in the mid-term elections.


Caitlyn’s campaign to run for Governor of California clearly isn’t gaining much ground with Republicans or Democrats but she did find an unlikely cheerleader in Fox News host Tomi Lahren who tweeted in Jenner’s defence saying ‘there’s no room for your hate in the America First movement.’


Trump was also at the conference babbling on about having won the ‘rigged’ election by a landslide and other such nonsense.  


  1. Does Caitlyn see that she is not among allies? She can say what they want, agree with what they say, but they will never accept her. Wake up girl!

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