Footballer Iker Casillas may have “come out” as a joke and everyone – including Josh Cavallo – is unanimously raging 

Iker Casillas appears to come out, then deletes Tweet and says he was hacked. 


Spanish footballer Iker Casillas today (October 9) appeared to come out on Twitter, which many were saying would make the player one of the highest-profile footballers ever to be openly gay.


In a tweet on Sunday afternoon, the ex-goalkeeper said: “I hope you respect me: I’m gay.”


Former Spanish team-mate Carles Puyol, with whom Casillas won the World Cup in 2010, replied to his tweet, saying “It’s time to tell our story, Iker.”


Iker Casillas deleted tweet coming out
Iker Casillas since deleted the tweet

After making the Twitter statement, the 41-year-old was met with a mixture of support, mostly praising his bravery, or homophobes being – eye roll – homophobic.


However. not all was as it seemed…

Less than two hours later and Casillas, who retired in 2020 after suffering a cardiac arrest during training, had taken his tweet down.


Casillas was married to sports journalist Sara Carbonero for five years before their separation in March 2021, having had two children together, both boys.


The Real Madrid player enjoyed a 23-year professional career but retired in 2020 following his heart-attack.


Shortly after the outpouring of support, LGBTs online then became fuming at the prospect the whole thing was a poorly considered joke.


Including footballer Josh Cavallo, who actually came out last year:

“joking and making fun out of coming out in football is disappointing. It’s a difficult journey that any LGBTQ+ ppl have to go through. To see my role models and legends of the game make fun out of coming out and my community is beyond disrespectful”



UPDATE: The footballer has since been to Twitter to say, “Hacked account. Luckily everything in order. Apologies to all my followers. And of course, more apologies to the LGBT community.”

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Some more reactions below, which give you an idea on the mood of the people, which obviously was…

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