‘Firebuds’: The latest cartoon characters sending conservative Christians into a tailspin are these cheerful vehicles


Another day, another fictional cartoon for Conservatives to lose their mind over. 


The latest animated threat to the very fabric of society is Firebuds, a show about young first responders and their talking vehicle sidekicks. Reader discretion is advised, as this story does contain themes of smiling vehicles.

The problem here is not the threat of – frankly adorable – talking cars, as presumably concerned parents have already had the dreaded “cars don’t actually talk, kiddo” chat with their kids. But rather that the Disney Junior series, which has already been renewed for a second season, features characters that are a bit… y’know.

Firebuds, an animated program that follows children and their rescue vehicle pals as they help keep their communities safe, features a character with two moms.

Violet Vega-Vaughn, the fictional character with two fictional moms, caught the wrath of the One Million Moms (via American Family Association), who alerted subscribers to the unholy vehicles and their evil plot:

“Many parents have already found out that Disney Junior is no longer safe for young children. Now, Disney’s animated series Firebuds has added a same-sex couple to the program. One of the main characters, Violet, has two moms in the Vega-Vaughn family.”

“I am outraged that Disney Junior is using the children’s cartoon Firebuds to promote same-sex marriage”, continues Monica Cole, the sole employee of AFA.

“It is offensive to me and my family that Disney is glorifying the homosexual lifestyle.”

There’s devil eyes in them cars (Firebuds)

The creator of the show, Craig Gerber, tweeted last year:

“After I sold the #firebuds pitch, my 1st detailed show overview included Violet’s 2 moms. Disney gave us 100% full support from day one. Thrilled to be making an inclusive show that reflects the diverse world we live in w/folks who care as much as I do.”

One Million Moms, which notably boasts only around 4,000 Twitter followers, describes itself as “the most powerful tool you have to stand against the immorality, violence, vulgarity and profanity the entertainment media is throwing at your children”


Unless Disney cancels the show, Cole noted that One Million Moms will boycott all Disney shows:

“Conservative families will continue to have no choice but to stop watching the Disney Channel network or Disney+ in their homes so they can avoid previews, commercials, and reruns. Families will be unable to allow Disney in their homes since the network continually veers away from family-friendly content.”

Oh. Well.