Family of missing bisexual rugby player Levi Davis share anguish and frustration at ‘very slow’ progress in search


Family of missing bisexual rugby player Levi Davis share anguish and frustration at ‘very slow’ progress in search


24-year-old rugby player and former X Factor contestant Levi Davis has been missing in Spain for over a month, and mum Julie says the investigation has been “very slow”.


The Worthing Raiders winger travelled by boat from Ibiza, where he visited a friend, on October 29, and was reportedly last seen at The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona on that same day.


CCTV in the area picked up Davis leaving the bar at around 10pm, but he hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Julie Davis with missing son Levi
Julie Davis with missing son Levi (image Daily Mail)

Since the end of October, there has been a few possible sightings of Levi, but none have been confirmed.

Then, around two weeks ago, his passport was discovered at Barcelona’s port area.


His mother, Julie, from Solihull in the West Midlands, U.K., says she last had contact with her son just hours before he went missing, was a video he sent to her.

Levi sent a clip, recorded while aboard a boat in Ibiza, which showed him giving a view of his surroundings, and telling her: “It’s beautiful here”.



Spanish police have confirmed the clip to the BBC,but said they were unable to make comments on the investigation any further, while it is still underway.



“Since the last thing we heard about the passport, there’s been no more information,” Julie told the BBC.

She called the weeks since her son went missing, “the scariest time” of her life, and “an emotional whirlwind”.

“We’re all missing you, all the family care for you so much. We just want you home, son,” she said in a message to her son.

“Please come home and we can sort out whatever is going on, together.”



Levi, a rugby union player, came out in 2020.

Speaking of his decision to be openly LGBTQ+, Levi said: “I had hidden it well but I couldn’t keep it secret any longer… I had to tell them, all of them, not just a few. I didn’t want it to turn into Chinese whispers,” Davis told Pink News at the time.

“Rugby has been painted as a man’s sport, but that’s just the tradition of it – it’s changing, the face of it is changing,” he said.

“I can only say what I know, and my experience of coming out was only positive… Rugby is absolutely ready to welcome anyone from the LGBTQ+ community.”


Since his disappearance, Levi’s Mum, Julie, has travelled to Barcelona with her other son Nathan, to try and search for Levi herself, and is planning to go back again soon, reports BBC.


Julie told the outlet that Levi was very open about his mental health, and in the last few months had been dealing with a knee injury.

She thinks he needed some time to himself – as “the accumulation of all the struggles and the injury” had taken a toll mentally.


According to one of Levi’s friends, Tom Varndell, he had been trying to “deal with things a bit more on his own” in recent months.

“Rather than going out there and trying to seek help – or ask people for support,” the former England rugby player adds.


Bath Rugby, the team Levi used to play for, shared the appeal about his disappearance a month ago.

Levi also known for TV appearances on ITV’s Celebrity X Factor in 2019 and E4’s Celebs Go Dating, in which he appeared during 2020.


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