RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 finalist Gigi Goode comes out as trans


RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 alumni Gigi Goode has become the latest queen from the show to come out as transgender, talking candidly about her journey on her Instagram. 

Like Peppermint, Gia Gunn, Laganja Estranja and Jiggly Calliente blazing a trail before her, Gigi said “For those who have known me as [my previous name:] that’s great, love that for you but it’s pretty much Gigi from here on out.”

In the impassioned post which she has recorded after having face feminisation surgery, she said: “I don’t even know how to start this. Let’s just jump right into it, you know what I mean? I guess, without beating around the bush, around eight months ago in January, right at the beginning of the year, I decided to begin the process of hormone replacement therapy.”

Gigi, who identified as gender fluid on her season continued triumphantly: “For those of you who don’t know, [that is] the process of taking estrogen and testosterone blockers — differing on the person — as a means of bringing in the woman and pushing out the man. At least that was my process with it.”

Already a model in her own right having starred in a Moschino campaign in Vogue, Gigi was a season 12 favourite and it was a close call if she was going to win or not after an incredibly creative finale performance. Congratulations to Gigi Goode, we love you! 

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