You can now list yourself as ‘side’ on Grindr


Step a-side, Grindr has a new update.


Earlier this week, we brought you the news that Grindr planned to roll-out out a new alternative for your preferred sexual position and filter, to go alongside the ‘top’, ‘vers’, and ‘bottom’ options already available.


For those not in the know ‘side’ is a term, already quite common in some parts, which refers to a gay or queer person who does not enjoy anal penetration (giving, receiving), but does enjoy engaging in the wide variety of other forms of same-sex activity (fellatio, frottage, mutual masturbation, etc to name a few).

We don’t have to have sex, we can do other stuff.


The phrase was popularized by an LGBT+ sex & relationship therapist by the name of Joe Kort, who dropped the app developers a note suggesting it include ‘side’ options in its search and filter settings.


Kort, who coined the term back in 2013 and runs a Facebook group called ‘Side Guys‘, received a reply and shared it to social media.


The side option is now live on Grindr and social media users have shared their relief at no longer having to identify as top, vers or bottom, simply out of ease, when they are in fact a side.


This week it was revealed that Grindr, which boasts a staggering 10.8 million monthly active users, is set to go public with a $2.1 billion valuation. Find out more about that here



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