WTF. Gay teenager visits Spanish hospital and gets diagnosed with ‘homosexual’ as ‘current illness’




A 19-year-old gay woman who visited a hospital gynaecologist on 4 October is demanding answers and an apology after she was handed a piece of paper detailing her medical status at the end of her visit, which included a line saying: “Current illness: homosexual.”


The teenager, who wishes to remain anonymous, is said to have visited the Reina Sofía hospital in Murcia, Spain over a menstrual condition.


The woman, who has a form of abnormal uterine bleeding called Polymenorrhea, was surprised when at the end of the exam the doctor asked if they could list her sexual orientation in her medical notes. She consented – despite her surprise – as she thought that perhaps it could be relevant to her medical care.


She later saw that the doctor had noted “Current disease: homosexuality.”


enfermedad actual translates to ‘current disease’


The young woman reportedly told Spanish news site El Diario: “At first, I thought it was funny, but it just isn’t,” she said. “There can’t be doctors like this, these attitudes must be eradicated.”


The young woman, along with her mother, reached out to Galactyco, a local LGBTQ collective, which since has reported the incident formally to the regional government, the regional health ministry and the regional health service.


Galactyco issued a statement, which included: “Our association has received countless reports of degrading treatment because of sexual or gender orientation,” it said. “We find it alarming, unacceptable and intolerable that there are professionals today who are responsible for our health, but who ignore the realities of LGBTI people.”


An official spokesperson for the region’s health service told Eldiario that “all necessary measures would be taken to properly establish the facts and to proceed accordingly”, that an investigation into the matter is underway and she would be receiving an apology.