UK to replace some patrol cars with ‘hate crime cars’ to tackle rising homophobic attacks


We have reported on the worrying increase in homophobic hate crime in the UK and police in Cheshire have verb painting Pride designs on the sides of squad cars in a bid to ‘give confidence to our LGBT+ community’.


Critics (of COURSE) say they should be focussing on ‘real’ issues such as knife crime, clearly missing the point that violent crime against gay people is the same as violent crime against anyone else, it’s just targeted because they are ostensibly queer.


Deputy chief constable Julie Cooke said: ‘Cars are there in the communities on normal policing patrol just to show the community that we want you to come forward. It is there to try and give confidence to our LGBT+ community, but also to other under-represented groups.’


The cost of painting the cars is relatively minimal and we salute the police for stepping up and trying a different approach to a growing problem that is terrifying for the LGBTQ+ community. Of course there is a lot more to be done but surely something as simple and effective as this should be commended, even if it gives us just a little boost of confidence?