UK Shame: MORE brutal homophobic attacks reported in Birmingham and Basildon


WTF is going on in the UK right now? We are sad to report not one but TWO physical attacks on gay couples in the last few days. One in Birmingham and one in Basildon, Essex. 


In the early hours of Sunday morning in Basildon, Dan Wilson and Rob Morris, left the nightclub Colours only to be assaulted by a gang of 5 men. Morris was in drag and the men started shouting homophobic abuse while punching, kicking and stamping on them.


Wilson told local paper the Echo: “It was terrifying, we didn’t know if they had any weapons. Rob had been dressed in drag at the time. We knew straight away they were coming straight for us.”


He continued: “It was horrible. We’re so grateful for the couple who stepped in to help. They prevented it getting any worse. This kind of thing just shouldn’t be happening. Basildon is meant to be promoting the LGBT community.”


Wilson’s father Dave also spoke to the paper to defend his son, saying: “These people need to be named and shamed. I’m completely lost for words at what happened. They were shouting homophobic chants while beating up my son, it’s disgusting.”


Both the men were taken to hospital but released on the Sunday and the police say they are investigating the crime. 


Meanwhile on October 10 in Birmingham’s Gay Village, John-Paul Kessler was holding hands with a male pal when he was attacked by a bottle to the head. The man said they shouldn’t be holding hands and on being questioned as to why, he struck.


Kessler, 38, said: “I didn’t notice him coming and the next thing I knew, I felt bashed round my head. I felt I was bleeding, I could feel blood dripping down my clothes. I was a bit dazed”


He called the police but whilst doing so the man went to his car and returned with an IRON BAR which he used to assail him further before running away like all good cowards do. 


The Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood (where the Gay Village is situated), Shabana Mahmood, publicly condemned the attacks in a tweet saying: “Deeply concerned to learn of another attack on a member of Birmingham’s LGBT+ community near Hurst Street. There is no space for this type of hatred in our city.”


Attacks on LGBTQ+ people are getting worse, not just in the UK but around the world. As visibility increases in the main stream media and in people’s lives it seems to rile the haters up even more. We can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe but also how vital it is to educate children about LGBTQ+ lifestyles. It is the younger generations who are the ones that have the power to stamp it out for good.