TikTok star Peach PRC proudly comes out as a lesbian saying ‘the closet was made of glass’


In a huge moment for LGBTQ+ visibility and representation, pop princess Peach PLC has come out to her 1.8million followers saying “Came out as a lesbian today” along with the caption: “To be fair, the closet was made of glass.”


She was referring to the fact that she made no secret of her sexuality in her private account but thought it was time to go public, a huge win for her fans who are psyched by her hyper-femme presenting pop adorable realness!


In a statement, the Aussie singer said: “The response has been really beautiful and supportive. I feel so welcomed by the lesbian community and finally at peace with something I’ve been shying away from for the longest time.”


As well as her huge amount of followers, Peach PRC has managed to garner over 100 million likes on TikTok making her one of Australia’s biggest exports on the platform since she rose to fame only in 2020. We couldn’t be happier for her for living her truth and long may she reign!