Teenage girls beaten and robbed in another homophobic attack in England

Market Square in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Liverpool, Edinburgh and now even the English countryside county of Hertfordshire – homophobic attacks are sharply on the rise in the UK. 


Two girls were beaten so badly that they needed hospitalisation in the town of Hitchin on Friday 13 in what police are calling a homophobic attack just days after a similar attack in neighbouring Bishop’s Stortford.


In the Market Square area of the small town, the girls aged 17 and 19 were verbally abused before being punched and kicked to the ground by a group of young people who stole both their phones in the process. The assailants were described as white teenagers and police are looking for witnesses. 


After the horrific murders in Plymouth this week which had serious and dangerous links to the ‘incel’ movement, surely something needs to be done as violence against LGBTQ+ people rises sharply as well. Despite that fact Gen X are reportedly 79% in favour of homosexual relationships, there seems that a dark undercurrent of hatred is bubbling to the surface.