Tackling homophobia in football: The rise of LGBTQ+ football fan groups

LGBT+ football flag

The LGBTQ+ football fan groups helping people connect to the game and saving lives along the way


A recent study by Stonewall found that 20% of football fans surveyed felt anti-LGBTQ+ language at matches is acceptable because it is “only meant as banter”.

While 43% of LGBTQ+ young people surveyed explicitly felt sporting events are not a welcoming space for them or that the terraces are not a safe space to express their true sexuality and/or gender-diversity.


In spite of all the obstacles faced by LGBTQ+ football fans over the years, there has also been unity. Queer folk, as we know, have a way of finding each other.


This is the story of ‘The Rise Of LGBTQ+ Football Fan Groups’. Find the full audio episode at the bottom of this article (it’s AMAZING), and here’s host Christian Hewgill to tell you a bit more about it.

Christian Hewgill radio presenter
Radio presenter, and patron of Leicester City’s group Foxes Pride, Christian Hewgill

Plenty of LGBT+ people aren’t football fans. But guess what? Plenty are!

LGBTQ+ football fan groups have been popping up all over the UK for years now. Fundamentally they’re a bunch of fans from one particular club who don’t just have the team they support in common, but also the fact they’re LGBT+.


I’m a TV and radio broadcaster. And a lovely man from Foxes Pride, the fan group of Leicester City asked me to be its patron a few years back. It’s one of the proudest moments of my career.

Why? Because it matters.


I was confused about my sexuality for a long time. I didn’t allow myself to consider the possibility that I’m gay when I was young for many years. A big part of that was because I didn’t think my passion for sport and being gay were compatible.

I was wrong.


LGBT+ fan groups show people who are going through today what I went through all those years ago that it’s possible to be gay, bi, trans, asexual, whatever – and whatever you want to be. A broadcaster, a diver, a footballer, a commentator, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker.


So when Virgin Radio Pride asked me to make a documentary on fan groups – I thought I knew why they were so important. I didn’t think I’d learn anything. How wrong I was.


I had no idea that the fan groups had helped previously homophobic straight people, well, get it.

I had no idea that they’d helped people to move on from dark early memories.

I had no idea that they were helping to shape the future of sport.

I had no idea that in some cases they’ve been life saving.


Matt Horton presenter
Matt Horton, Virgin Radio Pride presenter and producer of ‘The Rise Of LGBTQ+ Football Fan Groups’ is a HUGE West Ham United fan


It’s not all seriousness. The documentary has some fun along the way. And I weave in my slightly dry sense of humour yet slightly camp taste in music.


But football fan or not. LGBT+ or not. The Rise of LGBT+ Football Fan Groups on Virgin Radio Pride has stories in there for you.


Take a listen to The Rise of LGBT+ Football Fan Groups  below (Apple link at the top of the article): 

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