Rescheduled Pride in London cancelled due to pandemic restrictions


Despite lockdown having been lifted in most of the UK and theatres, restaurants, clubs and bars open to full capacity, London Pride has been canceled due to lingering safety concerns. 


The decision was not taken lightly but based on the advice of public health officials, executive director Christopher Joell-Desheilds spoke on YouTube saying: ‘I’m truly saddened to say that Pride in London won’t be happening in person this year. Last week was extremely challenging navigating the government’s recently updated Covid-19 guidelines and legislation for large-scale public events like ours’

He continued glumly: ‘It became clear when working through final risk assessments that our event could not provide the level of mitigation expected from the local public health team and the government. It would have meant losing the crucial parade and reducing the event to just two or three stages scattered across central London with limited tickets.’


So another Pride becomes victim of the pandemic. We cannot stress how important it is to get the vaccine if you can and are eligible. The sooner we eradicate COVID-19 form society, the quicker we can get back to life and pride as we know it. The full statement is below: