Pope Francis retains confidence in anti-LGBTQ Cardinal despite child abuse cover-up


The Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Rainer Woelki has tried to resign in the wake of a report that said he failed to hold clergy in his diocese accountable after they’d been implicated in the seemingly never-ending child abuse scandals.  


Pope Francis however, who even popped up on these hallowed pages for all the wrong reasons the other day, has decided not to accept his resignation as it would ‘only be a short-lived symbol’ that the church was changing and instead has put him on a six month ‘spiritual sabbatical’ so he can return in March 2022 to continue being useless and corrupt.


Is there any hope for Catholic Church? In an investigation by the Vatican ITSELF they found Woelki has “made major mistakes in his approach to the issue” that “has contributed significantly to the fact that there is a crisis of confidence which disturbs many believers.” It’s almost unbelievable. 


As if all this wasn’t enough, Cardinal Woelki has also advocated against LGBTQ recognition and tries to further conservative policies within the Vatican. He declined a nomination for the Respect Award from the Alliance Against Homophobia back in 2012 and defended the Pope’s refusal to recognise same-sex marriage saying: “The Church cannot be bullied into changing her doctrine if change contradicts the spirit of the gospel.”


Really is it any wonder that the Catholic Church is haemorrhaging attendees or believers in most of the developed world? Not really when the leaders at the very top continue to siphon off money from the poor to line their sold gold pockets, give aid and comfort to child sex abusers within their midst and all the while putting their own followers at risk by peddling their archaic ideologies on homosexuality, contraception and abortion.