“Please DO NOT HAVE SEX in the men’s locker room!” – gym has to ask guests to stop boning in the facilities.


The cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity and the GUMPTION. 


If anyone thought that the lockdown’s were tough, wait until The Gays (trademark) read about the latest restriction to be thrusted upon us, which can only be described as… homophobia at its finest. 


Just weeks before Christmas, one LA gym had to resort to SIGNS (gasp), in an attempt to stop users from fu*king in the men’s locker room, reports The Sword.


The WeHo branch *makes mental note* of Crunch Fitness erected (wheyyyy) a sign, which read:


“ATTENTION MEMBERS” (caps for dramatic effect)

“Please DO NOT HAVE SEX in the Men’s Locker Room! You can have sex literally anywhere else, just not at Crunch Fitness. Otherwise, your membership will be immediately revoked. Please keep this a safe space for all Crunchers.”



Gays online were, naturally, shooketh at the prospect, responding with firm Samantha Jones energy along the lines of…



The poster had initially been shared on Twitter (by user @rossifer), but later removed. 

However, the internet remembers, so not before one Twitter user managed to screenshot the graphic and take it to the furthest, most remote corner of internet humor… Reddit


“So this is the only way to stop credit card payments on your gym membership when you told them to stop”, commented one user. “Finally… there is a way…”, another replied.

Another user wrote: “I can have sex *literally* anywhere else? Ok, when? :)”

Another commented: “This sign can’t stop me cause I can’t read”



Gays cruising in gyms (and elsewhere) is, of course, a tale as old as time but, as society has progressed, many question the necessity to resort to public spaces when we can usually do it safely from home and have access to apps like Grindr.


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