New report suggests Brits largely support family members coming out, but LGBTQs still feel unsafe in public and at work

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Majority of Brits would support a family member coming out but concerns over safety in public and discrimination in the workplace still high, study indicates. 


As the UK marks the 50th anniversary of London’s first Pride march, and with Pride events still continuing across various cities (Manchester Pride is in August), YouGov, the public opinion and data company, has released findings from its latest LGBTQ+ surveys.


The results indicated that while the majority of Britons would be accepting of a relative coming out, the level of support for family members who are transgender and non-binary was less than for those who are gay or bisexual.


The findings at a glance, courtesy of Stonewall.

Coming out.

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79% of all British adults would support a family member coming out as lesbian, gay or bisexual.
63% would support a trans family member coming out.



When asked what helped form their opinion of LGBT+ people, here’s how all adults vs. LGBT+ adults responded:
Friends and family: 38% vs. 54%
Own personal experience: 32% vs. 67%
Social media: 24% vs. 44%
TV documentaries: 26% vs. 28%
Newspapers: 12% vs. 14%

Elsewhere, on the family front…

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74% of Britons would support LGB people fostering or adopting, while 67% would support having kids via surrogacy, and 68% support IVF.

However those numbers decrease to around 10% lower for trans people.


In terms of safety…

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LGBT+ people feel less safe in public than the general population, demonstrating the impact of hate crimes and harmful rhetoric.

Only 57% of trans respondents said they felt safe in the street/area they live, vs. 74% of cis LGB adults and 78% of all Britons.



In terms of equality in the workplace the report was quite damning, with 64% of LGBT+ respondents agreeing that LGBT+ people face discrimination at work based on their sexual orientation, and 70% based on their gender identity.



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On the impact of Covid-19 on mental health, 45% of Britons said that it’s had a negative impact, compared to 58% of LGBT+ respondents.

51% of LGBT+ adults had been diagnosed with/experienced a mental health condition over the last year, compared to 33% of all adults.


Stonewall is calling on all LGBTQ+ folk and allies to #TakePride in supporting LGBTQ+ rights by signing a pledge to leaders of the UK, Scotland and Wales governments, saying we want to live in a world where no one is discriminated because of who they are or who they love. 

Take the pledge and show your support by clicking here

Elsewhere in the UK with regard the Government’s farcical handling of a ban on conversion therapy, a new survey from GAY TIMES and Channel 4 News found:

92.6% of those surveyed say that a full ban is ‘very important’ to them, while 4.6% viewed it as of ‘average importance’ and only 2.8% believed it to be ‘not important’.


The debate around trans exclusion from the conversion therapy ban was raised in the HOC thanks to a petition, signed by over 145,000 people, calling for a trans-inclusive ban on the unethical practice.

More than one in 10 trans people in the UK have been offered or have undergone conversion therapy, according to the government’s own National LGBT Survey.

More on the above study, here.


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