Moderna begin human trials early for HIV vaccine based on COVID-19 research


Forty years after the HIV/Aids pandemic started, it could soon be over as the first ever human trials for this type of vaccine are about to start Рmade by Moderna and hastened by the success of their COVID vaccine.  


A new entry on¬†the The National Institutes of Health’s registry of human clinical trials showed that the trials are estimated to start TOMORROW, August 19, ¬†and should be completed by spring 2023.


Most of us will have heard of Moderna because of their ground breaking vaccine for the coronavirus pandemic, in fact a lot of us have had it. Due the fact that funding for a COVID-19 vaccine was almost limitless (hence the speed at which it was developed), a lot of the work that needed to be achieved for the HIV/Aids vaccine was all done at the same time as it uses the same principle. 


Newsweek said ‘Moderna has two HIV vaccine candidates, mRNA-1644 and mRNA-1644v2-Core, both of which have cleared initial safety testing before being used on humans for the first time. The randomized trials will include 56 HIV-negative participants aged 18 to 56.’


Obviously there is a long way to go but with the success of PrEP and the incredible treatments now available, the horrors of this disease could soon be a thing of the past.