LGB Alliance campaigner gets booed out of Manchester Pride for having the gall to show up


We have to make this very clear from the outset, there IS no LGB ‘alliance’ without the ‘T’ so when someone from the ‘charity’ turns up at Pride then they should expect this sort of treatment. 

Of course we don’t endorse harassment of any kind but the exclusion of trans people from ANY sort of Pride event is both abhorrent and counter-productive. Let’s not forget that it was trans women of colour who started the first Stonewall riots. 

The UK Charity Commission is already looking into the LGB Alliance after a (since deleted) tweet in which they compared gender non-conformity to bestiality. They were only given charity status this year in a move that many are trying to reverse. 

Anti-trans people on Twitter were quick to say the treatment of the guy from LGB Alliance at Manchester Pride was homophobic as he was gay and also he said he was a victim of theft as someone took his hat.

LGBTQ+ rights campaigner Max Morgan wrote on Twitter, however: “Like it or not, Pride is a community event. And the community spoke as one to say, ‘Transphobia is not welcome here.’ You can shriek about ‘homophobia’ all you want, but it’s not that. Gay men, lesbians, bisexual people and trans people rose up together to say, ‘F**k this.’”

It’s somewhat uncomfortable viewing but check out the events as they happened below: