Disney doubles down on LGBTQ+ support with Pride month merchandise and worldwide parades

Becky Hill will play Pride as Disneyland Paris where the new perch will also be available.

You have to hand it to Disney, after an initially poor response to Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill they have turned things around by not only REFUSING to censor Doctor Strange 2 for Saudi Arabia but also releasing a slew of new Pride merchandising and parade news.


It’s also not as if they aren’t on the receiving end of some rather petty but expensive pushback (read: retaliation) from Governor Ron DeSantis and various lunatic protests claiming they are somehow trying to sexualise children – a line pushed by various Republicans right now to anyone opposing the range of anti-LGBTQ+ laws sweeping the nation. 


Well, despite the faux hand-wringing and the fact that DeSantis’s actions are really just hurting Floridians now, LGBTQ+ or otherwise, Disney have released new Pride merch for this year and are going big on parades at their parks across the world with the likes of Becky Hill and Mika playing Disneyland Paris in June. 


Disney has long been financially and creatively propped up by LGBTQ+ people, whether its staff who work in their stores or parks to the people who work on the movies that consistently keep the coffers full to brimming. At last they are putting their money where their mouth is and standing up for us despite the trouble it is causing them.