CBBC’S presenter and YouTuber Joe Tasker comes out as gay and reveals long-term partner

Joe Tasker comes out as gay
Joe Tasker (BBC)

Joe Tasker’s boyfriend reveal 

CBBC presenter Joe Tasker came out this week in a YouTube video, while also introducing fans to his long-term boyfriend.

Joe, who has presented Saturday Mash-Up Live! since 2019, uploaded a 20-minute video for his 207k followers titled “my secret boyfriend…”.

‘I’ve never really opened up so this will be my first and maybe only time opening up’, he says in the clip.

‘This is a video that I have always thought about in the back of my head since I uploaded my first-ever video.’

Then adding: ‘I’m gay. So there we go. That’s the first bit done.’


While Joe said that some people ‘might not care’, he took the time to reveal that he’s been dating fellow YouTube star Jack Biggs for nearly four years.

‘I’ve finally found someone who’s as weird as me…and we are in love,’ he said.


In the video, Joe shares that he had felt discouraged about coming out following an experience with a friend. 

“He was just like, ‘Oh, I need time to process this…’ At one point he said, ‘You’re just doing this for attention obviously, or something.’

“That was my first coming-out experience,” he added. “That just put me off”, he said.

Joe then goes on to say:

‘The most cliche-est thing, which is the most realest thing, is it’s all about being happy’

‘It’s your happiness. If you feeling like you’re not happy and you need to tell someone – do it! If that’s going to make you happy, that is literally all it is. I have never been as happy as I am right now.’


Congrats, Joe! 

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