Armed robbers using Grindr to target queer victims


At least 8 men in Atlanta have been victims of attacks after being lured to meets using the hook-up app. 

We all know the dangers of using apps like Grindr to meet strangers in situations where you don’t know that the other party has intentions as innocent as your own. 

Sometimes though, it’s easy to forget – no matter what country or city you live in – the very real risks associated with putting  yourself in a potentially vulnerable situation like that. 

On Wednesday, the Atlanta police department robbery unit said in a press conference that from February to May “we’ve had eight instances where male victims were lured to remote locations by the use of the Grindr app.”

“The suspect would use the Grindr app to exchange and identify victims, trying to lure them to a dating location. After the date concludes the suspect would then rob the victim often taking wallet, keys, or even vehicles” they continued.

The suspect “typically has a handgun” and the men go on a “normal date,” authorities said. “After the date concludes, they’ll just rob the person of their belongings.”

Obviously, in this instance, the crimes are all located within a certain area, but if you’ve got friends who use Grindr regularly then chances are you’ve heard of similar things taking place wherever in the world you are. So here’s a quick recap of Grindr’s safety tips so that you can still have fun, but stay safe.

Of the Atlanta incidents, during a press conference they advised the following:

“Find a partner or a friend that you can trust that you can notify when you’re going to meet somebody.

Meet at a grocery store. Meet at a public place before you reconvene somewhere more intimate. Listen to your inner voice.” 

The police department is currently looking for anyone with information surrounding the incidents, requesting any genuine anonymous tips that can be eligible for rewards of up to $2000.

Remember to stay safe out there, people! Just because you’re decent, it doesn’t mean everyone is. 

Full press conference below: