84-year-old lesbian shares heartwarming viral clip, showing it’s never too late to live openly and with Pride

Jan Moore said LOVE IS LOVE

Pride in living openly and truthfully is a powerful thing, and you’re never “too old” to appreciate when it comes along 


For many in 2022, the idea of saying “my… [insert queer relationship title]” publicly might not feel like such an obviously big deal. 

However, for a lot of folks – particularly boomers and millennials – the memory of downplaying our private lives for public consumption is not too distant. 


Simple interactions, like brushing over the gay aspects of your life for the sake of a meaningless phone call – because maybe it’s easier, or you fear you’ll be discriminated against, or get poorer treatment – can become pretty habitual, and eventually you have to break that pattern, in your own time.

Even if you’re already out. 


84-year-old Jan Moore shared a TikTok to the “Canada’s Gayest Family” account she runs with her wife, Linda.


The pair were married in 2018 and now live in Canada, having been together almost 30 years.

The landscape for queer people three decades ago, when they met, was VERY different.  


The two now catalogue their family life with the TikTok aacount, which describes itself as, “Grandma Linda and Grandma Jan”, leading “this all lesbian family”.


“I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to do it,” Moore opens with in the now-viral clip.


She goes on to explain, “I had a phone call from my bank, just wanting a few answers, and they said to me, ‘And who is Linda?’ And I said, ‘My wife.’ ‘Oh.’ And we went on and conducted our business. And I hung up the phone.”

“And I realized, that it’s the first time — and I’m 84 and bit years old — that I’ve said ‘My wife.’ So I thought it was worthwhile recording it”, she says.


“Well, call me dumb for not saying it before, but I guess it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Guess what? I’m going to be doing it again.”


Take a look at the clip below:


The TikTok clip quickly racked up nearly half a million likes and an outpouring of love and support from internet folk.

“I’m sorry the world took this from you, glad you took it back. 💕”, said one user. 


“literally in tears. congratulations”, said another. 


“The simple things. My heart is bursting for you and your wife. Wishing you many more happy ‘wife’ moments”, said one. 


TikTok clip is below.


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