GLUE Hotties: Jonathan’s HARD8


1) Name, age and basic stats?

I’m Jonathan… a a 33 year old Leo, Colombian/Dominican, 100% Vers, size 10 feet. I am a Bartender and a Photographer, an Urban Renaissance man.


2) Where do you call home?

I am a born and bred New Yorker. I love this city and I have lived here most of my life but I think I hear London calling now.


3) A random fact about me is…

I love playing sports, I think its the best kind of foreplay there is. Work up a sweat before you work up a sweat.


4) My ideal first date usually involves…

Doing something hands on like wall climbing, driving or shooting ranges followed by a wine n dine. Enough conversation for me to get a good feel on what you are about, look in your eyes a little and flirt heavily.


5) My favourite quality in a person is definitely…

Personality is key. A sexy voice and swagger takes the cake.


6) My type is…

I usually go for guys that are tall, pale and have that Alpha energy to match mine. I’ve always been more attracted to tops but have had great relationships with Bottoms also. Chemistry is more important than any of that stuff.


7) Four words that put me in the mood for sex…

“You want this —-?” Yeah, I know…I’m kind of romantic, so that always gets me going.


8) I knew I wasn’t straight when…

When I was a kid I remember seeing the movie “Weird Science” and thinking to myself I wish I could make the ideal man instead of a woman. Definitely had a lot of dreams about that early on.


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