GLUE Hotties: Jay’s HOT8


1) Name, age and basic stats?

My name is Jay Gitano (He/Him) and I am 28 years old. I am a relaxed, down to earth guy who is into likeminded guys. Ow and I am a Leo ♌️ 


2) Where do you call home?

Now, this is where it gets interesting; my parents immigrated from Paramaribo, Suriname to the Netherlands. My brothers and I were born in Rotterdam where I grew up. Soon I realized that traveling and experiencing new cultures was something I loved to do and found other more exciting places to live. 

During my studies I lived in Turkey and Spain. After graduating I moved to Dubai to work for Emirates Airlines as a flight attendant for 5 years. After accomplishing my goal of traveling the world I decided that it is time to set up some roots in my favorite country; Spain. Barcelona is where I’ve call home for a year now. 


3) A random fact about me is…

Even though I’ve lived abroad for many years, far away from my family, I care about them a lot. We text on Whatsapp all the time, but the moment I receive a video-call I’m shook and just don’t reply.  I’d rather send voice-notes or texts then do video-calls.  I thought about why I hate  those video-calls so much and I assume it’s because I can’t shape a perfect story that I can send in a voice-note. I’m trying to give my Mom a video-call every-so-often. It actually builds a closer connection, I learned. 


4) My ideal first date usually involves…

Lots of chemistry, a nice view and an activity where we can really get to know each other! Owh! And Chocolate 😉 


5) My favourite quality in a person is definitely…

I really love when someone is caring at heart. When you enjoy taking care of someone without expecting something in return. Thinking of the little things, I love doing the same for my partner. 


6) My type is…

Most importantly it’s the chemistry, someone who is a bit psycho and keeps the fun alive 😉

Being active during the day, who loves to workout, but also loves to order junk food and binge watch a whole season of our favorite series. The role is not important for me, what matters more is that you are sexual and have some passion 🔥 


7) Four words that put me in the mood for sex…

Want some ice cream?


8) I knew I was LGBT+ when…

During my studies, I did my internship in Barcelona at a hotel. On my days off I would enjoy the beach, hikes and spending time in the city center. Here in Spain, it’s so normal to look at cute guys on the street, they are everywhere! 

At 17-years-old I started to wonder why I would get so many eyes from those cute guys… until one stopped me and we had a nice chat, at this point I was dying to try something more than just chatting. And that was the end 😉 


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