GLUE Hotties: Jason’s HOT8


1) Name, age and basic stats?

Jason. Gay he/him.


2) Where do you call home?

Norristown, PA. I’m from Michigan and moved out here 5 years ago.


3) A random fact about me is…

I have a fraternal twin brother who is a gay man as well.


4) My ideal first date usually involves…

Dinner and bourbon.


5) My favourite quality in a person is definitely…

Sense of humor, I think I’m hilarious. 


6) My type is…

Varies on the person but if the guy has nice legs I have no complaints.


7) Four words that put me in the mood for sex…

I just showered babe.


8) I knew I was LGBT+ when…

I had to be in the third grade and found men very attractive. 


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