GLUE Hotties: Colby’s HOT8

Colby Melvin. Image credit: @jamesfranklinofficial

1) Name, age and basic stats?

Colby Melvin, 5’7”, 180lbs, Gay, he/him.


2) Where do you call home?

I’m originally from Lafayette, LA. I’ve lived in Alabama, Texas, California, and Colorado. My stuff and dog are in Louisiana where I spend half of my time helping take care of my family, but the other half I spend traveling with my boyfriend. 


3) A random fact about me is…

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


4) My ideal first date usually involves…

Food. Always food. Sex usually comes before a first date, so if we’ve made it to a date I already know there’s chemistry. 


5) My favourite quality in a person is definitely…

I’ve got two must-haves. Kindness, you can tell a lot about a person how they treat a waiter. Humor, if you’re going to be in my life (friend or romantic), you can’t take yourself seriously. 


6) My type is…

My type is all over the place, honestly. My current boyfriend is 9 years younger than me and my previous boyfriend was 18 years older. I don’t need someone ripped, but I prefer someone who takes care of their health. No real preference on hair color, eye color, or body hair. The only sexual position that wouldn’t work for me is a guy who is a total top. It may sound cliché but personality goes a LONG way, even if it’s just a hook-up. 


7) Four words that put me in the mood for sex…

Hey, how’s it going? (AKA I have a high sex drive and am almost always in the mood)


8) I knew I was LGBT+ when…

My first experience with a guy wasn’t until I was 22. I instantly realized I was 100% gay. I came out to the people closest to me the very next day. 


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Colby Melvin
Colby Melvin