GLUE Hotties: Scott Humphreys HARD8


1) Name, age and shoe size?
My name is Scott Humphreys, I’m 33 and a UK size 9!

2) Where do you call home? 
Home for me is in London and I’m half English half German.

3) Who is your favourite celebrity pin-up?
My favourite celeb pin up is provably Jason Mamoa – how Cliche.

4) What is your ideal first date?
I have already had my best first date ever, with my boyfriend Luca. It was just perfect, out for drinks and snogging by the end of the night. We’ve spent every day together since – that was 3 years ago.
5) Boxers, Briefs or jock?
Definitely a briefs man.
6) Four words that out you in the mood for sex…
“I made you dinner”
7) Top/Ver/Bottom?
Have a guess it’s not that difficult to figure out lol.
8) I knew when I was gay when…
I knew I was gay when I wanted some red patent stilettos instead of trainers when I was 4. Also queer as folk – total game changer.
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