GLUE Hotties: Martin’s HARD8



1) Name, age and shoe size?

Martin, 35 years and shoes size UK 9.5


2) Where do you call home?

I’m half British and Danish, living in London.


3) Who is your favourite celebrity pin-up?

These days I’m not sure pin-ups really exist, but I’ve always thought Jake Gyllenhaal is super hot.


4) What is your ideal first date?

First dates are about getting to know each other for me.  They can feel quite high-pressure… so a relaxed drink and a walk is a good start.


5) Boxers, briefs or jock?

I’m massively into underwear, so have something for most occasions. It’s usually briefs for every day, and trunks/ leggings for workouts and cycling.


6) Four words that put you in the mood for sex…

I’m hard and wet? It’s more in a look than words for me!


7) Top/ Vers/ Bottom or I’d rather not say?

I’ve always been more bottom, but recently I’m discovering that Vers guys have more fun!


8) I knew I was gay when…                                       

Going straight to the men’s underwear section in Mum’s home shopping catalogues!


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