GLUE Hotties: JT’s HARD8

1) Name, age, shoe size?
My name is JT (Jordan Taylor),  I’m 28 years old. My shoe size is 10.5.
2.Where do you call home? (Where are you from and where do you live?)
I live in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) currently.  I am from Portland, OR.
3. Who is your favourite celebrity pin up?
Definitely Nick Jonas or Gus Kenworthy.
4. What is your ideal first date?
Something with substance and adventure. Take me to an art museum and a Carly Rae concert and you’ll swoon me over. I also believe a hook-up can lead to romance. One of my favourite ex boyfriends invited me to a three-way and we dated right after that. Something cute and slutty is always a good way to be.
5. Boxers, briefs, or jock?
I mainly wear briefs but do love a good jock moment. My favourite brands are Charlie and KVRT right now. 
6. Four words that put you in the mood for sex?
“I want it now”
7. Top / vers/ bottom?
True vers, even though I can be a little chaotic.
8. I knew I was gay when..
I thought my friends’ dads were hot when I had my childhood birthday. Still love dads btw.
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