GLUE Hotties: Jonathan’s HARD8


1) Name, age and orientation?

Jonathan Vincent – 31 years old – gay.


2) Where do you call home? 

I currently live just outside NYC in Stamford, CT. I’m originally from Glastonbury, CT.  I spend most of my time between CT and NYC. 


3) A random fact about me is…

A random fact about me is that I’m a huuuge car design nerd. I can name the make, model and year of practically any car that passes on the street. One of my favorite pastimes is driving along a winding road with a powerful engine at my fingertips.


4) My ideal first date usually involves… 

A perfect first date for me is spontaneous and unplanned. I’m happy going for a walk with a view, followed by some GOOD food (doesn’t have to be expensive)  and maybe a cocktail. As long as the conversation is meaningful and the chemistry is strong, I’ll be happy. I love ending the night with some dancing and definitely a kiss (preferably more 😅). 


5) My underwear of choice is… 

Commando is a default (I like being FREE), but when underwear’s required, I’m in briefs with a thong fit to help the cheeks POP.  Recently I’ve been loving the AVIDLOVE undies I got on Amazon – it feels like going commando. 


6) Four words that put me in the mood for sex…

Words that turn me on? “Let me show you”… I can’t resist the anticipation 😅. Plus You can pretty much  anything in Spanish with a sultry tone and I melt 🤷🏼‍♂️


7) Sexually my flex is more Top/ Vers/ Bottom/ I’d rather not say… 

In bed I’m a bottom. I have had a few fun and very memorable moments being a top, but I like being submissive to someone who calls the shots in bed. Tell me what to do and I obey, I aim to please. 


8) I knew I wasn’t straight when…

I knew I wasn’t straight the moment I picked up a male action figure… it was confirmed in the men’s underwear aisle…. Those muscles 🤤 I started drawing naked men when I was like 10… my twin brother definitely found those drawings and helped me keep my secret into adulthood. Truly a great brother! 


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