1) Name, age and shoe size?
Jacob, 40 and fucking proud of it, size 12.

2) Where do you call home?
Originally from Iowa (farm boy), now Peekskill, New York – an hour from the City on the Hudson

3) Who is your favourite celebrity pin-up?

Terry Miller, Mr Dan Savage, is perfection.

4) What is your ideal first date?

Happy hour at a quiet dive bar – you can hear each other talk but still see how you interact with people socially. And also dive bars rule.

5) Boxers, briefs or jock?

Jock – a good jock is like a good man, all day supportive but ready for anything.

6) Four words that put you in the mood for sex…

“Let’s wrestle; winner tops.”

7) Top/ vers/ bottom or I’d rather not say?

Team Power Vers – the more possibilities the better.

8) I knew I was gay when…
When I crawled under a tour guide and looked up his kilt in a Scottish castle at 3 years old, which my father videoed and showed every year at Christmas (seriously)

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