GLUE Hotties: Hans Montagu’s HARD8



1) Name, age and shoe size?  

Hans Montagu, age lost count, shoe size 43 EU


2) Where do you call home? (where are you from and where do you live)

I live between Denver, Colorado and The Hague, Netherlands.


3)Who is your favourite celebrity pin-up?

The one and only Betty Boop! No one can compare to her.


4) What is your ideal first date?

Stroll along the beach at sunset


5) Boxers, briefs or jock?

Jock, seconded by sexy briefs


6) Four words that put you in the mood for sex…

“Come to me, boo”. Or a variation of those four words!


7) Top/ Vers/ Bottom or I’d rather not say?

Flip, pending on the person and the phase of the moon


8) I knew I was gay when…

My cartoon heroes, Lion O, He-Man, Skeletor were the ones I wanted to look like and kiss. Especially Skeletor, gotta love a bad boy!


You can follow Hans on Instagram here.