GLUE Hotties: Fernando Escamilla’s HARD8

1.Name, age and shoe size?
Fernando, 28, 11US 
2. Where do you call home? (where are you from and where do you live)

I’m originally from Mexico but currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. Came here to study an MBA and ended up staying for a little while.  


3.Who is your favourite celebrity pin-up?


Hard to pick just one but I’d day Post Malone. He’s a great talent, a chilled and relaxed guy and doesn’t a f*ck about so many things, but a huge heart.

4.What is your ideal first date?


I’m quite adventurous, I’d say try go-karting or rock climbing, where we can compete with each other. Then make a fun bet, like if I win, you pay dinner or if I win I give you a kiss on the cheek ☺️ 


5.Boxers, briefs or jock?


Briefs it helps you a lot  for the all the bouncing and shaking situation. Although in summer I don’t wear any at all 😅


6.Four words that put you in the mood for sex…


I’m not wearing underwear 


7.Top, vers, bottom or you’d rather not say?




8.You knew you were  gay when…


When I was in high school me and my mate use to play video games and smoke weed all the time. It was a very nice plutonic friendship until one of those nights, I stayed over at his place, we got so drunk that we kissed for a little while, then played with eachothers d*cks until…  I enjoyed it and I’m sure he did too, although we never talked about it after. He’s married now and has 2 kids 😆


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