GLUE Hotties: Eduardo’s HARD8


1) Name, age and shoe size?

I’m Eduardo, 36 yo and size 9 in the US.


2) Where do you call home? 

I am Brazilian, grew up in a humble neighbourhood in Sao Paulo, SP, but I’ve been in Los Angeles for the past 9 years. Hollywood in my home now.


3) Who is your favourite celebrity pin-up?

Lol, I had to google to see “Celebrity Pin-Up” meant (sometimes I still google English words) but growing up in the 90s I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I love slasher movies, I wanted to be a final girl. Now my celebrity is Jon Hamm.


4) What is your ideal first date?

I’m so informal! Living in LA, a beach date is the best because even if everything fails I still have the beach 🙂


5) Boxers, briefs or jock?

Briefs, no doubt!


6) Four words that put you in the mood for sex…

Honestly there aren’t any, it’s about the moment and feeling it, no words needed.


7) Top/ Vers/ Bottom or I’d rather not say?

Depends if I’m single or dating… 


8) I knew I was gay when…

I kissed the first guy, it felt so right, I knew that was it for me.


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