GLUE Hotties: Anthony Raul’s HARD8



1) Name, age and shoe size?

Anthony Raul, 35 and shoe size is US 11.5


2) Where do you call home?

I’m from the Dominican Republic but I live in Manhattan, New York.


3) Who is your favourite celebrity pin-up?

Mariah Carey


4) What is your ideal first date?

Ideal first date would be a nice dinner somewhere relaxing where we can hear one another and get to know each other.


5) Boxers, briefs or jock?



6) Four words that put you in the mood for sex…

I got you food.


7) Top/ Vers/ Bottom or I’d rather not say?



8) I knew I was gay when…                                       

There was a Spanish news show called “Primer Impacto” and they had an episode on male strippers and the segment had a guy in a thong then cut to a clip of him dancing around the pole in his thong. My mother was sitting right next to me and then I had to run to the bathroom as I got aroused and had tons of pre-c*m in my briefs.


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